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We’ve been getting results for clients in the Central Valley for over three decades.

Whether you’ve been referred to us by an existing client or if you’ve just found us on the internet, if you’ve got a problem or need advice, we’re here to help.

SPECIALIZES                                ESPECIALIZADO

  • Personal injury                                Lesiones personales
  • Auto accidents                                 Accidentes de auto
  • Slip and falls                                      Resbalones y caidas
  • Trip and fall                                       Tropezones y caidas
  • Work injury                                       Lastimado en el trabajo
  • Dog bites                                             Mordida de Perro
  • Pedestrian accident                       Peaton atropellado
  • Big Rig Accident                              Accidente de trokes
  • Truck accidents                               Accidente de camion
  • Motorcycle accidents                   Accidente de motrocicleta
  • Accidental death                             Muerte accidental
  • Bus accident                                      Accidente de camion
  • Wrongful death                                Homicidio culposo
  • Bicycle accident                              Accidente de bicicleta
  • Faulty product                                 Producto defectuoso

No insurance, let us try to help you.  No money for doctor treatment, let us help you.  Consultation is free.  We get paid at end of your case.  If we obtain no settlement you will have no attorney fees.

No aseguransa, de intentar ayudarlo.  No tienes dinero para le tratamiento medico, deja ayudarte.  Consulta es gratis.  Usted no paga hasta el fin del caso.  Usted no paga hasta el fin del caso.  Si no ganamos, usted no debe honorarios al abogado.

We understand that choosing an attorney is a significant decision, so we encourage you to call us to set up a free consultation to discuss your case and to get to know us.

Please contact us if you have any questions or wish to discuss your specific needs.  We represents clients in Fresno, Clovis, Madera and the surrounding areas.

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